Media Blackout As 100+ Arrested and Thousands Sit-In on US Capitol (UPDATE: 300+ Arrested)

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UPDATE: rt.com has adjusted their numbers and are reporting over 300 arrests as of 7:10 pm ET

UPDATE: rt.com is reporting that over 400 activists have been arrested as of 6:45 pm ET

UPDATE: rt.com is reporting that over 300 activists have been arrested as of 5:30 pm ET

Thousands of activists have gathered on the steps of US Capitol to protest the influence of money in politics and bring awareness to the UN-Democratic political process.

Read more about #DemocracySpring by visiting www.democracyspring.org 

As of 4:00pm ET more than a 100 of activists have been arrested and there have been reports that jails are running out of space.




20 Comments on Media Blackout As 100+ Arrested and Thousands Sit-In on US Capitol (UPDATE: 300+ Arrested)

  1. Margaret Westgate // April 11, 2016 at 10:00 pm // Reply

    I salute you! I can’t walk but if I could I would join you. Wonder if they would like to arrest an 80+ year old woman who still caress about what is being done to the ccountry she loves?

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  2. Real Patriots. #PowerToThePeople


  3. I can’t believe they are arresting people. How is this democratic?

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  4. Heard this on Chicagos Wptc progressive station. Not aired on any national news abc, cbs, nbs wtf!


  5. Jamie Schulte // April 11, 2016 at 11:19 pm // Reply

    Media blackout. Democracy as we thought we understood it is dead. These citizens deserve for the world to know that we haven’t given up. I wish I were there with you. Thank You! No more lesser of two evils for this old lady.


  6. marlee yant // April 12, 2016 at 12:05 am // Reply

    What happened to the right for peaceful assembly and the right to peaceful protest?

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  7. the police need to join the cause!


  8. Donald Delaney // April 12, 2016 at 1:49 am // Reply



  9. I wish I were there with you!!! Thank you !


  10. DONALD BEAUDOIN // April 12, 2016 at 2:29 am // Reply


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  11. I think they said they were arrested for unlawful assembly…translation…WTF!! This hasn’t happened since the 60’s!!!


  12. it restores some of my faith in humanity to see so many people finally, actually doing what needs to be done to get the point across to the government that we’re done with their corrupt shit. I sincerely wish i lived closer to Washington, because i would have joined them all, and as a 475 lb. dude, i would let the police struggle trying to lift my dead weight as i flopped around on the ground like a beached whale.

    The most important bit though: they are running out of room in the jail cells. I can not stress how important this is. They can not arrest everyone, there is not enough room for them all. eventually they have to accept what the people are demanding and get with the program.

    You really want to make a statement? everyone needs to stop paying taxes. Go to your employer/boss and tell them you no longer wish to have taxes automatically withdrawn from your paychecks, tell them you want to deal with it yourself every year. If even half of the country did this, the government would run out of money faster than they could print it.

    Tell them you will pay taxes again when they behave like a government and not a business.

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  13. p.s. Any cop that made an arrest that day is un-american.


  14. I keep hearing everyone accuse America of not being Democratic. That might be because we aren’t–we’re a republic. Just saying.


  15. Jason King // April 12, 2016 at 8:22 pm // Reply

    I live in the DC area, this was on the news yesterday, but only on one channel.


  16. There certainly isn’t a blackout where BLM is blocking people trying to go to work or get back home. Useful idiots say they’re protesting police violence but instead get in the way of, and attack, people just trying to work and home. BLM are nothing but useful idiots receiving endless Soros money. Then they go and find the most non-black areas (white, asian, or hispanic areas) and block freedom of movement while assaulting, insulting and threatening fellow Americans.

    This isn’t a Democracy Spring. These are idiots doing their part to usher in a new age of leftist Authoritarianism.


  17. Chris French // April 13, 2016 at 11:22 am // Reply

    What’s sad and pathetic is that so many people are following Hilary and corporations just keep throwing money at her and then there’s trump who thinks that money is the only thing important always bragging about it. Buying fans at the beginning, saying he will pay people court costs… It’s disgusting


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