Media Blackout Continues as 700+ Arrests Reported In Front Of The U.S. Capitol

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Thousands of Democracyspring.org activists have gathered on the steps of the US Capitol to protest the influence of money in politics and bring awareness to the corruption big money creates.

While Democracy Spring activists have been involved in a non violent sit-in since April 11 mainstream corporate media has been silent on the issue. With reports of over 700 arrests and what some are claiming to be the largest for non-violent protest in Washington D.C. history some are questioning if the media will spend more than 30 seconds covering the story.

According to TheIntercept.com MSNBC spent 12 seconds covering the story, Fox News spend a little longer totaling 17 seconds and CNN decided not to cover the story.

MSNBC and Fox News not only provided minimal coverage, but hosts on both networks misrepresented the protests, claiming they were narrowly focused only on “voting rights issues.” The focus on systemic political corruption, an issue that was widely criticized during the rally yesterday, was ignored.

Later in the day, CNN posted a short item on its website. The protests were widely covered by CSPANAl Jazeera, and NPR, among other outlets. But cable news programs, which specialize in American political news, were another story.

On the first day alone there were more than 400 arrests  with reports of jails running out of space.

…today our democracy is in crisisAmerican elections are dominated by billionaires and big money interests who can spend unlimited sums of money on political campaigns to protect their special interests at the general expense. Meanwhile, as the super-rich dominate the “money primary” that decides who can run for office, almost half of the states in the union have passed new laws that disenfranchise everyday voters, especially people of color and the poor. – DemocracySpring.org

17 Comments on Media Blackout Continues as 700+ Arrests Reported In Front Of The U.S. Capitol

  1. This isn’t just the US. It’s global. It’s the UN. Ban Ki-moon is just a puppet, the real leader is an entirely different person who does not even have a national identity… The officially coronated leader of the world is a scary man, I’ve seen him in person and that convinced me that I can’t expose the biggest conspiracy of all time… I have a lot of information that I don’t feel safe to share at the moment at least, I can’t say who he is, this whole website would be taken down and not only would I be arrested but so would anyone who visited this page from the moment this comment is published. But this is all rigged, all of it. The protesters are also just puppets, the news are puppets, it’s all controlled to keep the people ignorant with the impression that they’re free. There’s one constant ideology running “progress” on this world, and many are unknowing puppets; I am probably unknowingly a puppet myself since I haven’t been arrested yet… There is a chance, if people not only recognize the threat but refuse to let it bring them down. There can be freedom, but there are only a few truly democratic places left to live in and even they are not democratic in the true sense of the word; but they are free: Kazakhstan, Japan, Finland and Mongolia are the main free countries left in the world. We all will have to move to the countryside of those countries if we want freedom, and communicate in the open with a cipher language that is not obviously a cipher.


  2. Cops are the real reason nothing will ever be able to change the government. All they know how to do is protect their masters. You can’t even non-violently protest without getting arrested. So yeah, good luck changing anything when a cop will arrest you for trying. Maybe it’s time to start killing cops….


    • Have to beat them with non volence. Appeal to the collective heart of the world then drwon their evil in our numbers

      “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with … Mark Twain

      Violence is their game and if we are dragged down to their level they will win, we must evolve beyond

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      • Anonymous // April 15, 2016 at 2:25 pm //

        Lol! Really? Yes it is the cops’ fault for doing their duty as they were sworn to do. GTFO. Go listen to more greenday, crybaby.


  3. The corporate media LOVES big money in politics, because much of that cash is spent buying ads in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV. The last thing the corporate media wants is any kind of restrictions on big money politics!


  4. Cointeller // April 14, 2016 at 5:19 pm // Reply

    Media blackout? The one nobody watches anymore?


    this message will self destruct in 5,4,3,2…


  5. Most of these people are leftwing Soros funded types.
    They enjoy wearing stature of liberty & founding fathers outfits when it comes to pushing their causes, but have no desire to add the second amendment/limited government issue to their agenda.


  6. William Bednarz // April 15, 2016 at 8:50 am // Reply

    The New York Times reports what it is told to report and excludes the TRUTH, it gets in the way.. I hope they give advantage notice – for ceasing publication. Their last copy may be one of their best…


  7. The Slimes was slayed some time ago by Mr. King at http://tomatobubble.com/.


  8. summitflyer // April 15, 2016 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    The American people are starting to wake up .Good on them to risk going to jail for the sake of true freedom.It is a sad day for history when people get arrested for protesting peacefully.Money must be taken out of politics ,it has led to corruption and the best democracy money can buy.


  9. Some were murdered during the 60’s freedom marches, remember?


  10. So any chance you yanks will finally stop claiming people hate your freedom?
    Maybe spend less time praying to your flag and making small children pledge alligence every day as national brainwashing
    You have bugger all freedom and rate at 46 internationally for freedom


  11. Another good reason to stop using the system and make a new one, starting with your neighbors.


  12. Move to Saudi move to Syria move to Iran. You people r entitled small minded losers.


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