Is Mainstream Media’s Unconditional Support of Clinton Actually Helping Bernie Sanders?


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If you have relied on Mainstream Media sources like CNN, MSNBC, New York Times or Washington Post for your 2016 election coverage you could not expect to read a fair, unbiased article or to hear a fair news report from any of those sources. If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter you might have wondered why (according to all of these sources) was he doing so poorly and why Hillary Clinton always says or does the right thing.  Bernie Sanders often gets no coverage and most of the coverage which ends up on the front page is negative or extremely biased.

Well all of that changed after Bernie Sanders won the Michigan primary on Tuesday March 8, 2016.

The reason this win is considered such a success is because even just one day before the Michigan primary Sanders was polling 10-20 points behind Clinton. During the televised Democratic Debate hosted by Univision, Sanders commented on his win and referred to it as “one of the major political upsets in modern American history.” Now that Bernie Sanders has secured a win in Michigan the media sources are asking what went wrong for Clinton and what is Sanders doing to get his message across so effectively which is a huge changefrom being referred to as the underdog.

NBC Michigan Poll

So the question now becomes, why is the Media on Clinton’s side and is it helping Bernie Sanders?

The answer is simple, if you do some very quick research and as the saying goes “follow the money” you are quickly able to connect the dots and see that one way or another these news sources are very biased and have ties to Clinton.

CNN for example is owned by Turner Broadcasting who in 1996 merged with Time Warner that just happens to be one of the largest contributors to Hilary Clinton’s campaign.
Clinton Campaign Contributions

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has been extremely hard on Bernie Sanders and many timesgoes out of his way to support Hillary Clinton.Why? Well it just turns out that Matthews’ wife has ties to the same donors as Hilary Clinton. Here is a great take on it by Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks.

New York Times has endorsed her and has definitely stayed away from the unbiased news reporting. Click Here to view an article we did earlier which goes over some of our favorite pieces done by NYT.

Few days ago it was reported by Fair.org that Washington Post has run 16 negative articles on Bernie Sanders in 16 hours. Please click below to view the article.

All of this is sure to anger Bernie’s supporters but it also might work out in his favor. Just like any attempt by the GOP to stop Donald Trump his popularity grows. Bernie Sanders has since day one pushed his message of a corrupt campaign system where even the news is controlled by large media corporations and there is no other result than for his supporters to feel even more passionate about his campaign.

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2 Comments on Is Mainstream Media’s Unconditional Support of Clinton Actually Helping Bernie Sanders?

  1. No. Mainstream Media Bias is the only thing propping Hillary’s campaign. The superpac support is another story. It depicts her in a bad light, but she doesn’t give a fig because it’s the only way she’ll fund her campaign since people aren’t backing her like they are Bernie (over 5 MILLION individual contributions- more than any presidential candidate.. well… ever).

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  2. kevin thompson // October 31, 2016 at 3:09 am // Reply

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