Why MSNBC And Tamron Hall Owe Ashely Williams An Apology

MSNBC interview of Ashley Williams by Tamron Hall looked more like a chance for Hall to take away from the point Black Lives Matter movement advocate was attempting to make than to give Willams a chance to talk and explain the issues in more detail.

At the very least we can call Tamron Hall’s interview of Ashley William on MSNBC biased, but if we look at it in more detail we quickly realize that Hall’s attempt to change the flow of the interview was very close to actually succeeding if it wasn’t for Williams’ confidence and ability to stick to the issue. Tamron Hall began the interview talking about backlash and accusations that Hillary Clinton’s supporters claim Williams was hired by and is an operative for Bernie Sanders. After Williams explains that it is offensive to be accused of not being able to think for herself to raise issues about her community Tarmon Hall once again attempts to throw Bernie Sanders into the conversation. Williams again explains that the point she was bringing up was directly related to Hillary Clinton’s comments she made about African Americans in 1996 and that it is directly related to the activities of the Black Lives Matter movement is involved with.

At this point in the interview Tamron Hall plays a clip of Bill Maher asking if “these people” know what they are doing and calls the individuals “f***ing idiots” for attacking Hillary Clinton and forgetting the “Real Evil” Donald Trump. Ashley Williams once again explains that the decision to protest Hillary Clinton was a result of her comments and that is it time to “hold Hillary Clinton accountable” for her actions for laying the foundation for mass incarceration in which most of the impacted are African Americans. Continuing the trend of the interview Hall manages to throw in one last question which is “What about Bernie Sanders?”.

The overall interview seemed like it was meant to sidetrack the actual reason for Ashley Williams’ protest and to take the pressure off Hillary Clinton by involving Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

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