Ten Times Hillary Clinton Has Flip-Flopped

It is not a secret that the American people have a trust problem with Hillary Clinton. According to The Washington Post  1 in 5 Americans say Clinton is “dishonest” or a “liar”. Recently Hillary Clinton found herself in an uncomfortable situation when she was confronted about the comments she made only few months about [Read more...]

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Why MSNBC And Tamron Hall Owe Ashely Williams An Apology

MSNBC interview of Ashley Williams by Tamron Hall looked more like a chance for Hall to take away from the point Black Lives Matter movement advocate was attempting to make than to give Willams a chance to talk and explain the issues in more detail. At the very least we can call Tamron Hall’s interview of Ashley William on MSNBC biased, but if [Read more...]


Sanders Supporters Extremely Optimistic Coming Out Of Nevada

Bernie Sanders supporters stay extremely optimistic after a very tight race in Nevada. Hillary Clinton pulled off a 53%-47% win even though polls had her ahead of Sanders by 25 points only five weeks ago. There has been a lot of momentum behind Sanders recently with some significant wins over Clinton in many key groups. Nevada Hispanic/Latino [Read more...]


Sanders Sticks To Issues, Clinton Gets Booed

Senator Bernie Sanders sticks to his message during the MSNBC Nevada Town Hall while Hillary Clinton once again fails to provide sufficient answers on a number of issues including transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street. During the Nevada MSNBC Town Hall Bernie Sanders did a great job sticking to his message of income inequality, college [Read more...]


CNN Panel Ignores Sanders, Talks About Clinton for 37min

First let me start off by saying that I love watching the news. I’ll watch the news to relax while enjoying my morning coffee, I’ll watch the news for fun if there is nothing else on TV or if I don’t have time to finish a movie and I will definitely watch the news as much as I can every four years during the political debates. Now, before I [Read more...]