CNN Panel Ignores Sanders, Talks About Clinton for 37min

First let me start off by saying that I love watching the news. I’ll watch the news to relax while enjoying my morning coffee, I’ll watch the news for fun if there is nothing else on TV or if I don’t have time to finish a movie and I will definitely watch the news as much as I can every four years during the political debates. Now, before I start making my point I think it’s also very important to mention that I do understand that there are many influences that at least to a point (I’m being modest) control the content which is broadcast on most news channels. For example the whole FOX News “Entertainment” issue from a few years ago where there was a discussion by FCC if the channel should run a disclaimer to let their viewers know that what they are watching is not an actual news source but “satire”. I understand that CNN will spend months covering one story to the point of becoming a laughing stock to get ratings, I get all of that.

Now finally I get to my point.

CNN formed what they refer to as an “Expert Political Panel” after a very important Town Hall that spent the first 37 minutes talking about one candidate. After last night’s New Hampshire Town Hall the political expert panel discussion lead by Don Lemon spent more than 35 minutes discussing Hillary Clinton. The panel mentioned Senator Bernie Sanders once in the first minute of the discussion and spent the next 37 minutes talking about how amazing Hillary Clinton was which anyone that actually watched the event would very much disagree with. Not only were most of the panel member self proclaimed Hilary Clinton supporters but the issues and topics brought up were anything but expert. The second time Senator Sanders was mentioned, it was not about any of the issues he discussed or any of his policies; it was about the car he drives. Don Lemon was giggling and looking more like a frat boy after he cracks a joke at a party and finally gets a few laughs than a moderator of a very serious political discussion. This is true! When Don Lemon finally brought up Senator Sanders he chose to discuss the very serious issue of his five year old red car.

As if I needed help to prove my point let’s look at a very serious Tweet from CNN.

This whole article might sound like it is coming from a hard core Bernie Sanders supported which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Anyone who is truly into politics, political discussion and the fairness of the process would agree that people do not want to spend an hour listening to very bias opinions. People would be very happy to see the panel do some fact checking, discuss important issues, strengths and weaknesses of each candidate but one thing is for sure, the fact that Bernie Sanders drives a red car contributes in no way to the political discussion.

So in conclusion, I would like to congratulate CNN on a very bad job! Next time at least try to have a neutral panel. All I’m asking you is to try!

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2 Comments on CNN Panel Ignores Sanders, Talks About Clinton for 37min

  1. Thank you for writing this! I watched CNN and they did the same thing they did after the first town hall, just replayed Hillary clips afterwards. Nice try, Clinton News Network!


  2. unsuprising… but needs to always be pointed out!


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