With The Help Of #SuperMonday Bernie Sanders Reaches His Goal to Raise $40,000,000 in February

Funding Goal

To view the current total or to contribute please Click Here.

Early on Monday Feb 29, 2016 and just one day before Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders reached out to his supporters on Twitter and Reddit and asked for their help to reach $40,000,000 in contributions by midnight and therefore outperforming all expectations as well as doubling the January total. As Bernie Sanders wrote in his post to Reddit users reaching this goal “will absolutely astonish the political and financial establishment of this country.”

Sanders also asked his supporters to use #SuperMonday starting at 2:00pm EST to get the word out about the fundraiser and at the same time encourage as many people as possible to head out and vote tomorrow.

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Sanders wrote in his Reddit Post “I am asking for your help to get out the vote. Tomorrow, voters in 11 states will have the chance to vote for me on Super Tuesday. Momentum is on our side, and with your help, we can win the Democratic nomination and the White House. This is where you come in. After helping out with your contribution, I’d like for you to help get the word out to your friends and family using social media.”

The result of Bernie’s call for action turned out very successful as #SuperMonday started trending on Twitter resulting in roughly $100,000 in contributions every 30 minutes and reaching his goal by 8:00pm

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