People Believe In Sanders And His Ideology And That’s The Reason Many Will Never Get Behind Clinton

People aren’t supporting Bernie Sanders because he is a democrat, they are supporting him because of his his ideology. Sanders is the only reason so many people have taken interest in this election and why they will only vote for him. If Hillary Clinton thinks that Bernie’s supporters will get behind her so easily or at all, she has gravely mistaken. Bernie’s whole message since the beginning has been against almost everything Clinton stands for and that is one of the reasons people like him so much.

If Sanders is not the democratic nominee many have said that they can not sacrifice their ideals to vote for a candidate who is currently under FBI investigation, a candidate that has accepted millions of dollars from institutions who have admitted to illegal behavior, a candidate that has been followed by voter fraud and voter suppression allegations that greatly benefit her campaign, a candidate that has continuously voter for war, a candidate that has been against same sex marriage, a candidate who is against eliminating fracking and accepts money from the fossil fuel industry ..well as you can tell the list goes on.

Sanders has explained many times that this is a Political Revolution and revolutions don’t happen easily. Since day one he has been working against one of the most sophisticated political machines in the world, The Clinton Machine. Over the last few months we have seen all kinds of things happen which have made people feel that the primary process is rigged and favors the establishment candidate, in this case Clinton. Even the chair of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is a close ally of Clinton, has admitted that the super delegate system exists to undermine grassroots democracy within the party.

I guess we’ll just ignore the fact that the chair of the democratic party bluntly explained that the process is very much undemocratic but for some reason we should still trust it? Since the beginning of his campaign Sanders has had an uphill battle coming from 50 points behind Clinton to a virtual tie in national polls. What an achievement! but the race isn’t over. Mainstream media who shamelessly fund and support Clinton would like you to believe the race has ended and Clinton is already the Democratic nominee but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s see what’s coming up and what Sanders needs to win.

May 3 – Indiana | Open Primary

Total Delegates: 83

May 7 – Guam | Closed Caucus

Total Delegates: 7

May 10 – West Virginia | Semi-Closed Primary

Total Delegates: 29

May 17 – Kentucky | Closed Primary (Reg. deadline 18 April)

Total Delegates: 55

May 17 – Oregon | Closed Primary (Reg. deadline 26 April)

Total Delegates: 61

June 4 – Virgin Islands | Closed Caucus (Reg. deadline 4 May)

Total Delegates: 7

June 5 – Puerto Rico | Open Primary

Total Delegates: 60

June 7 – California | Semi-Closed Primary

Total Delegates: 475

June 7 – Montana | Open Primary

Total Delegates: 21

June 7 – New Jersey | Semi-Closed Primary

Total Delegates: 126

June 7 – New Mexico | Closed Primary (Reg. deadline 10 May)

Total Delegates: 34

June 7 – North Dakota | Open Caucus

Total Delegates: 18

June 7 – South Dakota | Semi-Closed Primary

Total Delegates: 20

June 14 – District of Columbia | Closed Primary

Total Delegates: 20


What these numbers show us is that out of the total 1016 pledged delegates left Sanders needs to win 658. This means that he needs to win 65% of the vote but for some reason the media is trying to convince us that the race is over.

Fighting someone as powerful as Clinton is not easy as many have seen during the primary season but Bernie has know this since the beginning and has every right to say that he is staying in it until the end. Clinton owns the media, Clinton owns the Democratic party and that’s why it is up to the people to fight against the system that is fighting very hard to suppress their vote and their interests. As Bernie has said only “When millions of people stand up and fight we can win.”



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