Sanders Sticks To Issues, Clinton Gets Booed

Senator Bernie Sanders sticks to his message during the MSNBC Nevada Town Hall while Hillary Clinton once again fails to provide sufficient answers on a number of issues including transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street.

During the Nevada MSNBC Town Hall Bernie Sanders did a great job sticking to his message of income inequality, college tuition, raising minimum wage, climate change, racial inequality and healthcare. While responding to what seemed to be very aggressive Hillary favored questions, Sanders was able to stay on point and exhibit the passion and confidence we are used to seeing from the Vermont Senator.

Although Clinton’s campaign has tried unsuccessfully to paint Sanders as a “one issue candidate” over the last few weeks anyone who listened to Sanders quickly realized that Bernie is not a one issue man. If anyone was not convinced of that last night, Bernie’s campaign does a great job discussing the issues on his website. To read more on the issues Bernie Sanders feel strongly about you can visit  https://berniesanders.com/issues/

While many people accused Chuck Todd one of the co-moderators of the event of being too soft on Clinton and a Clinton supporter she still managed to walk off stage doing what many have accused her of doing all along. Clinton was not giving satisfactory answers especially on Wall Street transcripts, she was sounding very aggressive with a negative tone and she ended up shouting during most of her answers. A one point Clinton was booed while criticizing Sanders which she tried to defend by repeatedly saying “Well, it’s true. It’s true,” she continued “You know it’s true.”

It’s safe to say that while Sanders might have won over a number of undecided voters, Clinton managed to convince many that their decision to support Sanders is the right one. On the other side of that argument some Hillary supporters have said that she looked very strong, confident and is the right person for the job.


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