How Long Before Immigrant Children Start Dying?

Let’s not forget, everything that is happening is according to Trump’s design. Since the announcement of the zero tolerance policy for illegal immigrants by the Attorney General Jeff Sessions it has been approximated that over 3,000 children have been separated from their parents. Some estimates have predicted that by the end of August total number of separated children will reach 30,000.

The US government has no plan to reunite those kids with their parents and since a big part of this operation is run by for profit organizations there will most likely not be any major effort to do so.

Many reports have come in indicating that a lot of these what can only be referred to as interment/concentration camps are reaching capacity and the government is scrambling to build new tent cities in which new prisoners will be kept.

Since president Trump has referred to immigrants as rapists, killers and believes that they are “infesting” our country we can only come to one reasonable conclusion which is that he is filled with hate towards anyone that he does not consider to be a true American. Even if he is able to trick people temporarily into thinking that by signing the executive order calling for a full stop of separating kids from their parents we know that it is all for show. It is my fear that this will get worse before it gets better. Even if it’s not due to any malicious reasons there is a big chance that some of these children will die. Let’s just assume for a minute that the extreme & racist Trump administration is not as evil as some we have seen during the last century for example Nazi Germany their carelessness will do harm.

Let’s hope that people stand up to them in time and that things do not get much worse.

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