MERCH by Amazon Sales Update # 4 – DOUBLE DIGITS! Overview of Today’s Sales

Hi everyone,

It looks like Amazon is slowly bouncing back from the big December and January slump. I’ve been following a lot of other people and a lot them have been going through the same thing. There have been many different theories why this could be happening but the facts are that sales were really slow. Also I do want to point out that I am not overly optimistic because this could simply be one good day.

Today’s sales brought me to DOUBLE DIGITS! 10 is the number with a few hours to go.


One thing that I am keeping my eye on is the total for the whole month. There have been so many shirts that were throttled and not showing up for a very long time and now that I am finally in Tier 1000 I simply expected my sales to keep increasing month to month. I also understand that January is typically a slow month so it’s really encouraging to me that I will have a second or third best month since I started. This is great news to me!


Tomorrow is January 31 and the last day of the month. If I sell 3 shirts I will have my third best month, if I have another double digit day (which is very rare for me) I will have my second best month.

I have also maxed out my daily upload limit and will keep doing that for as long as I am able to keep up.

Keep working everyone!

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