MERCH by Amazon Sales Update # 6 – February Sales & Review of Last 12 Months

Let’s starts with a few facts and a few positives. End of February makes it exactly one year since my Merch By Amazon account was approved. I started uploading designs and making sales in March 2017 and I have to be honest and say that it has been a wild ride! When I started I really have to admit that I didn’t know much about the whole Print On Demand (POD) industry and I am still learning a lot. First few months my designs were very basic and the word that comes to mind is very Amateur! Once I tiered up past 25 and made it to 100 I was still doing everything on my own and progress was much slower than I expected but if I am being realistic with myself with no experience I really couldn’t have expected much more. Once I made it to tier 500 I decided to spend a few hundred dollars and buy some designs from more experienced designers. Sales from those purchased designs were definitely nowhere near what I had imagined and since then I’ve changed my approach.

Ok let’s get to February 20018! February has been exactly what I expected and I am very happy about the results. In February I have made 147 sales and had 4 returns for the total of 143! This is my second best month which is great since my best month was during Q4 just before Amazon started to heavily throttle most of my products.

Currently I am at Tier 1000 with 1000 products live and over 600 saved in draft ready to be made active as soon as I am tiered up to 2000. I am very excited about tiering up and have been expecting it for some time.

The reason I am optimistic that I will tier up fairly quickly is because at this moment I have sold just under 1000 items and Amazon has been really good increasing my limit. Every time I had reached either 25, 100 or 500 I have been tiered up within a few days or reaching those sales.

Overall, during the last 12 months I have made just under 1000 sales which translates to $16,380 in total sales making my royalties around $3,800.

Last thing that I would like to point out is a celebratory milestone! As I am typing this it is March 1, 2018 and with just under 6 hours left in the day so far today I have made 4 sales! The reason that is a milestone is because 12 months ago it took me the whole month to make the same amount of sales! I have never been more encouraged to keep going and keep learning!

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