Daily Motivation – Bill Burr

“Realize that sleeping on a futon when you’re 30 is not the worst thing. You know what’s worse, sleeping in a king bed next to a wife you’re not really in love with but for some reason you married, and you got a couple kids, and you got a job you hate. You’ll be laying there fantasizing about sleeping on a futon. [Read more...]


Collection of Anti-Jokes – Part Two

In case you missed it check out Collection of Anti-Jokes – Part One Warning: If you are sensitive to rude offensive language and content please do not continue reading the following jokes. These jokes can be described as dark humor and are funny to individuals with a very unique sense of humor. They are in no way meant to offend and are [Read more...]


Funny Amazon Reviews

Pussy Natural Energy Drink Visit Amazon for more reviews about Pussy Natural Energy Drink Men’s Stars & Stripes American Flag Tank Top Shirt Visit Amazon to read more reviews Helping the Retarded to know God:A Guide for Christian Teachers of the mental Visit Amazon to read more reviews Samsung Curved 105 inch 4K Ultra HD 3D TV Visit [Read more...]