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What is an Information/Advice Interview and how to set one up?

Are you trying to get past the statistic that says that 85% of available jobs are never advertised? Are you new in the workforce and don’t have a network of contacts? Then add advice or information interviews to your job search strategies What Are They? Advice or information interviews are meetings with individuals working in a field you want [Read more...]


How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

In the 1980’s, industrial psychologist Dr. Tom Janz introduced a method of interviewing called the “Behavioral Interview.” Research shows that this interviewing style is extremely effective, and as such, it has rapidly increased in popularity. The premise is that the best predictor of future behavior is your past behavior. [Read more...]


Career Advice – Types of Interview Questions

In interviews that are considered to be structured there are typically two types of questions interviewers will use: behavioral questions and situational questions. Both types of questions are based on critical incidents that are required to perform the job but they differ in their focus. Analyses have found mixed results for which type of [Read more...]