Three Mistakes People Make During a Job Interview

Mistake # 1 Not enough confidence – For any job, any field, any industry one thing that an employer wants you to have is confidence. Having confidence does not mean walking into an interview acting like you already have the job and like you own the place. It simply means believing in yourself, your knowledge and your abilities. What you want to [Read more...]


Career Advice – Types of Interview Questions

In interviews that are considered to be structured there are typically two types of questions interviewers will use: behavioral questions and situational questions. Both types of questions are based on critical incidents that are required to perform the job but they differ in their focus. Analyses have found mixed results for which type of [Read more...]


Career Advice -Standard Interview Format

Standard Format for an Interview Although the length may vary, most interviews follow four standard stages: Greetings & Introductions Introduce yourself and shake hands with each interviewer Interviewer’s goal is to utilize small talk to make you feel comfortable, calm and more relaxed in an effort to prepare you for the next part of the [Read more...]



The idea of Love is so interesting to me that I think about Love often and how special it is. It is so special to us that most people’s goal in life is to find one person to spend the rest of their lives with. Imagine that, you say to yourself I am looking for a single person who will be so special to me, who I’m willing to open up to and [Read more...]